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A Flood of Activity

Jeff Raymond on April 19, 2011


Warily making our way through the mountains of western PA all day Saturday in a torrential downpour, we arrived home safely at the unusually early hour of 4pm.  Usually we get in late and have no time to get unpacked.  But this time we were determined to unload the van, empty the suitcases and get our tired bodies to bed early.  That is until, we heard curious sounds out front of our house.  This was about 9:30pm.  Exploring the source, we saw rising waters that soon encircled our house.  Cars attempting to pass through the waters covering the road in front of our house found it increasingly difficult.  We called the authorities who came and closed our road with flares and barriers (although this didn't stop the bold-of-heart, dim-of-mind who tried to drive through anyway).

Sitting on our shrinking island, options raced through our mind.  Our lower level is at ground level and if water were to come in, a lot of damage could be done in the garage, office and storage areas.  So, despite travel fatigue, we busily worked from 10:00 until midnight to get everything possible up off of the floors.  We're not sure who put all the stuff in our house, but there sure was a lot to be moved.

About that time, we noticed the waters receding, no doubt an answer to prayer.  Within 45 minutes, ALL water was gone from our yard and the roadway was clear!  We can't really explain this, as streams and rivers in the area continued to rise through Sunday to level 7-8 feet above flood stage.