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Arrived from Texas in Two Pieces

Jeff Raymond on March 24, 2011

We are safely home from our trip to Texas and Oklahoma, but it didn’t come without another unforgettable incident to add to our memoirs.  After an event-free week, the last day brought a curve ball as we set out to travel home. 

Awaiting take-off on our flight Thursday, March 10th, from Dallas, the pilot had just announced a 45-minute wait.  Josiah started complaining of a severe headache, then began vomiting.  The pilot decided to return to the gate so we could seek medical help for him.  Becky got off the plane with Josiah, while Abby and Jeff stayed and flew on to Newark.   Josiah improved, but paramedics recommended he not fly home that day.  So, he and Becky had to overnight with friends in Dallas, and catch a flight Friday.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Abby had an extended layover due to very stormy weather conditions in Newark, followed by more delays on the tarmac, and a rough flight back to Harrisburg.  Upon landing around 1:00 AM, a very tired six-year-old exclaimed, “Now THAT’s what I call fun!”   (Jeff didn’t share that sentiment.)  They finally arrived home, allowing a few hours rest before Jeff had to teach in Candidate Seminar.

After the one episode on the plane, Josiah has been doing fine.  He and Mommy flew on Friday, but could only get a flight into Washington – a two-hour drive from Harrisburg.  A flight delay and rush hour traffic kept them from getting home until 8:30PM Friday.

Today (March 12th) we all are home and one big, tired family.  We are so thankful for your prayers as we are convinced God helped us take advantage of the teachable moments this provided for our kids.