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Keep Looking Down

Jeff Raymond on August 15, 2013 Comments (2)


I'll never be bored.  Being a detail person provides an endless supply of potential activities.  Things are further complicated by the fact that I'm also a perfectionist.  But that's a good thing right?  We serve a God of order Who has put infinite detail into everything He's created.  He orchestrates the movements thereof.  Christ is the perfect example of how we are to live, so emulating perfection is a good thing, right?  Sometimes.  Sometimes not so easy.

I tend to notice things others are oblivious to (details).  We have a gravel driveway, and I’m forever noticing the little weeds popping up between the stones.  It drives me nuts, because they disrupt the contiguous aesthetic flow of the ‘nice” gray stone (perfectionism).  So it has become sort of an ongoing tendency to pull a few driveway weeds each time I’m out there.  It’s rather therapeutic because it takes my overactive, creative brain to a brainless freedom for awhile, usually while I’m waiting for the family to get out to the van when we are trying to leave somewhere.

Right around my van I find these cute little sprouts that you can hardly see.  Around the edges of the driveway are much bigger weeds, because I don't go over there and mess with them.  I end up having to get a tool to dig out the root because they take such a strong hold. 

One day while tugging the unwelcome intruders, God put a thought in my mind.  The sin in our lives is like weeds that pop up in random places.  We can go on ignoring them, but that only leads to bigger problems.  We can be distracted from them, because we are focused on higher things.  Good things.  Serving the LORD.  No time to be bogged down with the “little” stuff.  Maybe we don’t even notice them at all.


I’ve learned many lessons from my driveway weeds:

  • All weeds are not equal.  Some pull out very easy, some hold on tightly with deep roots.
  • Storms bring change.  When it rains a lot, the weeds grow faster, but it also loosens the roots so it can more easily be removed.
  • The environment has a profound effect on a weeds staying power.  Sometimes when the soil is very dry, the weeds do not pull out, the root just breaks off. 
  • Root remnants result in recurrence.  If you don’t eliminate the entire root, the weed comes right back.  You rest in the belief that it’s gone for good, but are surprised in its untimely return.

I’m learning that although we ought to keep looking up, “fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith” “seeking to do His good and perfect will,” we ought also to keep looking down so as to never neglect the hidden attacks of sin that takes root in our lives.



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  1. Christina August 21, 2013

    Thank you for this post. I have recently been pointed to sin in my life that I was too "distracted" to notice. It was actually sin that I had thought I'd confessed, repented of, and moved on from. However, it was still there, rooted in my life. My pastor (Pastor Osborne) said that true confession is saying about your sin what God says about your sin. That requires a lot more thought and A LOT more humility. But it's the root removal I need. God bless!

  2. Helena August 29, 2013

    Thanks so much for your thoughts on "weeds" in our lives. Now each time I pull one of the pesky things I will be reminded to examine my own life. Little sins if left lead to deeper roots and broken fellowship with our so tolerant Lord. We pray for you folks on a regular basis.

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