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An Eventful Easter

Jeff Raymond on April 2, 2013

Jeff preaches on Easter Sunday

Easter brings an overabundance of emotions as I consider the depth of meaning of Resurrection Sunday.  It also brings back deeply-held memories from 17 years ago, when my father passed into glory.  What a day to enter the presence of the LORD, on Resurrection Sunday.

To make the day even more momentous, my daughter, Abigail Grace (Abby), had her 9th birthday.  So this past weekend we have been celebrating

a life lived,

a life given,

and eternal life restored...all in the same day!

The morning began with a worshipful celebration of Christ’s resurrection as Becky and Abby both participated in our church’s Easter Sunday musical.  This was the culmination of a three-part Passion Week program that included Palm Sunday and Good Friday performances.

The afternoon was filled with a last-minute invitation to lead the Easter Sunday services at a local retirement home.  Our family enjoyed bringing the Word of God to these dear saints.  Becky and Abby played piano, we led the singing of hymns, Abby and Josiah sang a duet, and I preached an encouraging message.  It was based on the profound idea that amidst His suffering, Christ didn’t for a moment think of Himself, but was entirely selfless in His suffering, death and resurrection.

I had the residents recite my outline over and over…

He died for ME

He prayed for ME

He rose for ME

He is coming for ME

The evening was our family celebration of Abby’s birthday.  Her Grandma Wine had all Abby’s favorite foods.  The presents and games made for some special memories, especially the “big gift,” hidden in the garage to be opened last.


Unfortunately, it was raining and Abby couldn’t embark on a proper test ride.  A few laps around the garage had to suffice.