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Wet Rag Races

Jeff Raymond on November 1, 2012 Comments (1)


We were sitting down to the dinner table this evening, and Becky warned me, “Watch where you walk in the kitchen.  The kids made a mess of jelly and the floor has some VERY sticky spots.”  Becky’s back has been in pain today, so my first thought was to have the kids wash the floor after dinner.

Bursting forth from some creative depth, found all-too-infrequently in parenting, came an interesting new idea. 

Informing the kids, I said, “After dinner we can all help mommy with the dishes, then play WRR!”

Knowing their intrigue for acronyms, Abby and Josiah were abuzz with excitement trying to figure out what in the world “WRR” could possible stand for.  Could it be fun or is it a job?  Maybe “W” is for “work.”  Throughout the kitchen clean up they could hardly contain themselves.

When all was in order, I announced, “OK, we’re going to play WET RAG RACES!”

The kids were thrilled to approach the starting line, bending down to assume their positions over the duly-disguised floor cleaners.

“On your mark.  Get set.  GO!”

Off they went…for two steps, and then their bare feet hit the wet trail left behind the moving rag.  Whoa, maybe this is going to be a bit harder than we thought.  Race after race they slipped and slid, and ran and fell.  We’re not really sure what happened to all the stickiness, but we sure had a lot of laughs in the process.



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  1. Donna September 30, 2013

    Fabulous idea! Good for you!

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