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Go, Go, Grow

Jeff Raymond on March 24, 2012


The Raymond family are no strangers to being on the road for a month solid.  However doing four back-to-back trips that add up to a month is a whole different experience.  It’s much easier to stay on the road, then to get back on the road.
  1.  Michigan – 10 days, 4 meetings + move my mom (Photo Gallery)
  2.  Texas – 5 days – 2 conferences (Photo Gallery)
  3.  Florida – 10 days, 12 meetings (Photo Gallery)
  4.  Washington DC – 4 days, 1 conference (Photo Gallery)


In fact, just about everything about the past month has been a new experience.   
  • Usually we drive.  Two of these trips involved air travel.
  • Unpack – repack – sleep – leave again.  Between driving home from Michigan, and flying to Texas, I was home 17 hours.  Between landing home from Texas and getting the family on the way to the airport headed to Florida, we had only 44 hours.
  • Most trips involve a busy schedule, but no physical labor.  In moving Jeff’s mom, I think we worked harder physically (and mentally) than we have in years.
  • Packing all the stuff we need to occupy kids and do homeschooling on the road is our norm.  Packing for such a road trip on the other end of an airplane ride was a real challenge.
  • Jeff went to Texas alone.  Since we always travel together, the kids had a hard time with this.  


Most unusual was that not all of this travel was to share our excitement about our ministry.  I have attended three professional conferences – Christian filmmaking, Christian photojournalism, and imaging software.  In anticipation of reaching full support, I have been sharpening my professional edge, as technology has moved ahead in these past three years.  Getting back up to speed so we can jump right into ministry is one of our key priorities for these last few weeks of support raising.