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Little sacrifices

Jeff Raymond on February 7, 2012 Comments (2)

Life is about choices.  The things we are able to do, achieve, and experience are dependent on the choices we make in the use of our time, thoughts, and resources.  As a creative person, I’ve been astounded lately as I hear of the creative ways God’s people are finding to give to missions.  While Becky and I have compiled a list of non-cash ways to give to missions (see Creative Ways to Help), some of the sacrifices and just plain clever-thinking we’ve heard about from other missionaries has been eye-opening. 

Here are some recent examples:
Combo meals cost at least over 5 bucks...as little as 2 combo meals a month will help us reach the Brazilians! – A.H., Missionary to Brazil

One supporter told me he would give me what he used to spend on lottery tickets every week! That's a double blessing!!! – M.N., Missionary to Ecuador  

The family we met with tonight told us that they are choosing to not go on our church's annual couple's retreat in order to partner with us every year. It moved me to tears to hear them share how strongly they felt about missions and how it was more important to help us get to Asia than for them to have that weekend away every year. - K.H., Missionary to East Asia

Hey, one less Starbucks per week and I could give $20 a month.  Anybody can do that much! – from several sources

We tell people to skip buying a pizza every month and donate it to us. Get it...Italy...pizza? :) – M.L., Missionary to Italy

Our family has a "rice party." Just a family thing, but we eat only rice for a dinner, instead of going out.  So with the money saved we sponsor a child through Compassion International. It isn't much of a sacrifice, in fact the kids enjoy doing it.  A good "selling" point to potential supporters - they could do something as a family that would have a lasting impact not only on missions, but also on their kids – C.G., Missionary to Romania  

One of our ministry partners downgraded their internet connection speed, saving $20 per month to free up for missions. We just had a supporter begin by saying she would give up a trip to her nail salon. – K.L., Missionary to Togo

Do you realize how much it costs to own a pet?  The food, the vet bills, the care items…it never ends - Anonymous

I recently posted " It's all that and a bag of chips"-- basically saying that the cost of 2 bags of chips per week would bring spiritual food and medical care to the people of Ecuador. 2 bags of chips/week = 1% of my monthly support. – M.N., Missionary to Ecuador  

Some supporters who are farmers are designating one calf each year to be sold at auction and the proceeds given as part of their support -- this year it was $900!! Also have a couple who gave up their country club membership. Many have not shared what they are giving up -- maybe we'll find out in heaven! – R.B. – Missionary to Bangladesh

We had a family give up their cable so they could support us. They made the decision as a family. They have two teenage boys! – C.R., Missionary to England
That last one is our favorite.  Being in media ministry it’s really impacted us to hear of someone who realized the harmful impact of secular media.  Our passion for the ministry of Visual Communications is driven by the desire to use the power of visual media to tell stories of truth – to combat the humanistic worldview so intentional and prevalent in 99% of today’s media.


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  1. Janet McClanahan February 14, 2012

    Excellent, I want to use this in our missions conference here at the seminary in Crato, and also in my furlough in the states. Your Missionary Friend in Brazil Janet McClanahan

  2. Angie Kellt August 6, 2012

    How great to spend time with you all on Sunday! Enjoyed getting to know your family. Loved the list blog

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