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Just because I said it doesn’t mean they heard it

Jeff Raymond on October 25, 2011

Those words echoed loud and clear within the walls of the ABWE Training Center today as I listened to Dave Arch teach a group of missionaries and ministry leaders.  Dave is one of the nation’s leading experts in creative training techniques.  “Moving Beyond Lecture” is a course I’ve taken twice in past years, but this year was asked to create PR photographs during the class.  So, I’ve been working…and listening.  This class has revolutionized the way I teach. 

People do not learn by listening, they learn by active involvement and by having time to process and store information into long-term memory.  Anyone who has children knows this.  I never thought I’d find myself sounding like my father, “How many times do I have to tell you…!”  Well, tell me all day long and I’ll probably still miss the point.  Show me and we can get there a bit quicker.  Let me try it, maybe failing a couple of times along the way, but I’ll get it.  And when I do, I won’t forget it.