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Home at last!

Becky Raymond on October 20, 2011

Phew!  I feel like we just traveled the world and back, but we were ONLY in 13 states and drove 4,900 miles.  Sometimes I think Jeff wants to break the record by having supporters in every single state!  We had a great 5-week tour through the middle of the United States, but it is so GOOD to be home.  We have been amazed and delighted as we have entered each and every home, that no matter the economic status, customs, background, styles & preferences, whether old friends or perfect strangers, we have experienced a wonderful bond with each family, that can only be explained by the unity and kinship we have in Christ.  So many have shared His love with us & with our kids, that I can't help but be full & overflowing with thankfulness.  It's been so much more than beds & meals -- friendship, late-night talks, caring for our kids so that Jeff & I could have some "just us" time, paid admission to some fun event, homemade popcorn, and on and on. We are thankful to God for His servants all around the country that have served us and loved us in so many ways these past few weeks.