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Using established media to communicate the innovative

Jeff Raymond on May 18, 2011 Comments (3)

Who better to recognize the power of media for use in missions than a life-long media professional?  While speaking at a church in upstate New York, I met a radio talk show host who was thrilled to hear how we are using visual media to share world missions.  Dan Dunn related some of the ways he has seen radio touch the lives of those searching for truth, and even more the potential impact of visual media in a very visual generation.  This interest led to an invitation to conduct a radio interview to be featured as a two-part series as part of their ministry "Spotlight" program. What a tremendous blessing to see the creative ways God gives us to carry out the task He has given us - to share our ministry vision with as many people as possible.

This show aired last week.  You can listen to or download the broadcast via the links below.  Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think.



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  1. Jay May 18, 2011

    Well done Jeff! Yet another skill to add to your toolbox.

  2. Ted Allen May 19, 2011

    Well done, Jeff. You succinctly communicated how you go about using digital imagery to capture God's people sharing the Good News around the world.

  3. Paul & Jean Filpus May 19, 2011

    Jeff, we listened to your good presentatinon. We appreciate how you and Becky are doing your part in carrying out the Great Commission.

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